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Branding & Design

To us branding is more than just your company name, logo, or unique identifier of your products and services. It lives and evolves in the minds and hearts of your clients and prospects. 25th Hour Digital executes an emotional-connection based strategy. The aim is to generate a deeper emotional connection between your brand and the customer.

When you see a bitten apple picture what comes to mind? When you see the letter F written in lowercase what comes to mind? I’m pretty sure we have the same answers, and if you ask 10 different people the same questions they’ll give you the same answers too. Branding is vitally important for any business and critical to its success because it changes how people perceive your company, and can drive new business and generate greater brand awareness. It needs to be different and make you stand out from your competitors.

We sip our own tea and have even branded 25th Hour Digital. We are a deadline-driven agency and deliver quality projects on time, hence the name “25th Hour”. When you see the round turquoise clock pointing to five you think of us. We use imagination and creativity to design meaningful brands that are unforgettable and make a meaningful impact in people’s lives.

Why You Need It

Now that you know the impact that a powerful brand has on the success of your business, here are a few additional reasons why you need it:
Every business and everyone needs an image, branding gives you that image
Through branding, you can build your corporate culture and every business needs a corporate culture
The most successful businesses in the world have found their true image and it is reflected in their branding
Consumers do not purchase your products or services, and the great things they do. They actually purchase your brand
Good branding grows your business

What You Benefit

Branding is the soul of every business. It should reflect what the business is about and helps build a good reputation. Here are a few benefits of having a good brand as a business:
Powerful branding increases business value
Branding generates new customers
It boosts your employer value-proposition and can make you an employer of choice
It creates trust in the market
It makes your company unforgettable, and is a real sales driver

FAQs about Branding & Design

I have a logo, isn't that my brand?

Your logo is part of your brand, but it is not your entire brand. Although it is a crucial part of your business, it doesn’t tell the whole story of what your business is about. Branding goes beyond just design, it is your personality as a business. It is all about how you want to be perceived by the market and the world, it describes who you are and what you do. Your website is where you can actually showcase your brand properly through the content you publish, the imagery you use, the name of your business, the tone you use in communication, etc.

How do I develop a brand on a small budget?

It starts with the simple things, you have to find your corporate identity. The things that constitute corporate identity include your vision, mission, philosophy, and values. There are many businesses in the world, but what makes you different and special and why should people choose you? There’s no better person to answer this other than the business owner and your logo often has to reflect these key elements. It costs nothing to come up with your corporate identity, however, you will have to hire a skilled designer to bring all that imagination to life.

How long does it take to build a good brand?

Building a good brand is not an overnight activity, it takes years and years. A good example is Apple, their initial logo was Isaac Newton sitting underneath an apple tree, then it was just an apple with rainbow colours, over the years it has been different variations of the same apple. 25th Hour merely gives you the design and direction, and if you hire us to offer you a full service we can be with you every step of the way throughout the years to build your brand the right way.

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