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Business Development

We only offer this service to small businesses that are struggling to sell. When your business starts to grow and gains immense traction in the market, the next logical step is to steer it to the right direction and unlock more growth, business development is a critical element in ensuring that happens. A lot of people don’t actually understand what the meaning of business development is, and it varies from business to business as it means different things to different businesses. In its simplest terms, it is the tasks and processes involved in developing and implementing growth opportunities within an organisation.

It all starts with a process which is your winning formula to building trust, strategic partnerships, and customer loyalty. A process for a business is as important as a formation for a soccer team, and plays the exact same role. We help you craft a process that is tailored to your business. Most of our services are lead generation focused, but once you get a huge influx of leads how do you manage that? We also craft and implement sales pipelines designed particularly for your business to help you with prospecting and they make selling and closing deals as easy as ABC. We understand and know that every business is different hence we craft and implement a sales pipeline built only for you.

Three things you need

There’s only three things you need to have a successful business development strategy:

A Winning Process
We plan, craft, and execute a winning business development process for you that fits your corporate culture, vision, and mission.
A Sales Pipeline
We plan, design, craft and implement a sales pipeline to manage all your leads without one slipping through the cracks.
A CRM System
We recommend and implement the right CRM system that can work for you and give you training and on-boarding on how to use it.

Why You Need It

When there’s a process involved, you know exactly what to do and when. Many small businesses, and sometimes even mid-sized and big enterprises struggle sell properly. When there is no process and technology in place leads slip through the cracks and you miss out on deals that matter. Our sales pipelines categorise your leads by stage, sends you important reminders of what to do next and records your interactions with prospects. The system allows you to manage a big sales pipeline and even automates some activities. Here are a few things you can expect to benefit after successful implementation:
Ability to manage numerous leads
Close more deals
Get new customers while retaining existing ones
No leads slipping through the cracks

FAQs about Business Development

Why do you offer this service only to small businesses?

Because there are many small businesses out there with huge potential to grow, and in South Africa small businesses contribute approximately 30% to GDP. Imagine if more small businesses emerge and continue to grow, this percentage will increase and play a key role in¬†alleviating the unemployment rate and hence poverty. 25th Hour Digital wants to make a meaningful impact in South Africa’s economic growth.

What qualifies as a small business?

Any business that doesn’t make taxable profits. Businesses get taxed by SARS when they make a profit of R70 700 and more.

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