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Email Marketing

It its simplest definition, email marketing is the use of emails to promote your business. It is used to nurture potential and current customers, keep them informed and updated about your business, even offer them coupons and promotions.

It is a very efficient form of online marketing and if done properly, can be a real sales booster. Majority of internet users use email, thus making it one of the top channels to reach your target audience online. 25th Hour Digital helps with the planning, the crafting, designing, and sending of these emails to your database. We also have ways on how you can build a valuable email database using several online channels including your website. The awesome thing about email marketing is that it is very easy to track ROI, so 25th Hour Digital provides you regular insights of your email marketing activities.

Why You Need It

If you are looking into reaching your target audience through mobile, then you should not leave out email marketing. As you know, majority of internet users in Africa access it through mobile phones, thus making it a necessary to be part of your marketing initiative if you have African consumers. Here are some key reasons why you need it:
Email is an easy way to reach mobile customers
Everyone has an email address nowadays
Email marketing is inexpensive
It's personal and instant
Email marketing integrates well with other marketing tactics

What You Benefit

Like SEO, PPC, Social media, and other marketing platforms available online, email marketing is a real website traffic driver and sales booster. Below are some benefits you can expect to receive when you have a well-crafted and effective email marketing campaign:
More traffic to your website
More informed customers and potential customers
More traffic means more meaningful conversions, and thus more sales
Email marketing builds trust and credibility
If you are a B2C business, email marketing can increase store visits

FAQs about Email Marketing?

How do I build an email database?

There’s plenty of ways to go about it, but it takes time to build a quality database. Firstly, it starts with you. You need to attend more conferences and seminars and take people’s business cards asking them permission to send them emails. Secondly, you need more email collection plugins on your website, and actually give people the incentive to subscribe. So you need to release more value-adding content such as articles, but only show half of it and request email address signups to read the full one. Release downloadable PDFs that are of value to your audience and request email addresses to download. Have intriguing content on your website all the time and popup modals (that do not diminish user experience of course!) that suggest signing up for your newsletter.

Where do I buy email databases?

As tempting as it sounds, but it’s a terrible idea to buy subscribers. You could face legal implications if you send an email to people who did not agree to receive them. There are also laws that protect people’s personal information such as South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI), you should read up on it (click to download information). It is best to build up your email database organically and avoid anything that might come back and bite you.

How often should I send email marketing campaigns?

As often as you want, without getting annoying of course. It is always best to have some consistency and not be random with sending. For example, if you send email campaigns weekly, have a specific day and time you send them every week and not change that so that your subscribers know when to expect communication from you. It is also bad to be quiet for a long time, you need to keep sending out the campaigns consistently and regularly. Always make sure you send out emails of great value to your subscribers to avoid unsubscribes.

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