PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising

PPC stands for pay-per click, an internet advertising model used by businesses to drive traffic to their websites, in which an advertiser pays a fee every time their ad is clicked. Digital marketing is important, because more and more consumers are now online; PPC is an immediate way to reach them.

This form of advertising buys visits to your website, rather than achieving them organically through search engine (i.e. Google & Bing). PPC marketing has a range of advertising options which include Paid Search Engine Ads, Display (e.g. Banner Ads on websites), Social Media Advertising, Retargeting (e.g. Tracks leads who have visited your website but never made a purchase), and YouTube Ads. 25th Hour Digital crafts ads that not only drive traffic to your website, but tailored to increase your sales and grow your business.

Why You Need It

If you are doing any form of online marketing for your brand in 2019, you really need to invest in PPC. There are countless reasons why you need it, but below are some of the most important ones:
To receive immediate traffic to your website
To get targeted leads, people who are actually looking for you online
PPC is the quickest way to fill up your sales pipeline
It generates greater brand awareness and gets the right people to notice you
Your competitors are probably doing it

What You Benefit

Although it seems complex, PPC has its own set of advantages and is worth every penny. Below are some things you can expect to benefit once you start investing in it.
More sales
Enhanced online visibility
Return on investment is measurable
Allows you to target your audience geographically, anywhere in the world

FAQs about PPC

Is PPC the same as SEO?

No. Although they have the same goal, which is to create traffic to your website, they go about it differently. With PPC you buy website traffic and pay every time your ads are clicked, and it has instant results. With SEO you earn your website traffic organically through optimising your website content for search engines. SEO results are not instant can take time to fully kick in.

Where do ads appear and what do they look like?

Firstly you need to know that there’s various types of PPC, namely Search, Shopping, Display & Social. Search ads appear at the top of search results and are labelled “Ad” right next to the URL. Shopping ads also appear right at the top and are labelled as “Sponsored”. Display ads appear as clickable branded banners on websites that offer advertising space through Google,Yahoo, and Bing. Social ads appear as promoted posts on your social media platforms, however each platform shows them differently but you will always notice them.

How much does PPC cost?

As much as you want it to. With Google AdWords, you can set your own budget and experts like us will ensure that you stay within it while getting your return on investment. You can spend from a few hundred bucks to millions, it really depends on you and your needs. However, to get the best results, you may need to spend more.

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