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The most common method of finding information online is to use a search engine. On a website like Google, you enter a search term or question (i.e. keywords) to find what you’re looking for. Then, using a certian algorithm, search engines return what they think is the most fitting, relevant and useful results. SEO stands for search engine optimisation.

In order for users to find you when they search, you need to show up on the first few results pages for their search terms. For that reason, if you have a website, you need to optimize your content for the search engines. 25th Hour Digital keeps up-to-date with the vastly changing search engine algorithm and can help you show up on results pages when certain keywords relating to your business are searched. This increases traffic to your website, and essentially sales.

Why You Need It

By now, especially after reading the above content, you know that SEO is a critical factor for driving traffic to your website. Here are some of the reasons why you need SEO:
Everyone uses search engines to find information
SEO increases traffic to your website
SEO brings you qualified leads
It increases your visibility online

What You Benefit

Now that you have realised that you need SEO, there are many benefits attached to it and some of them are as follows:
Inbound marketing methods (including SEO) result in more leads than outbound, paid media or self-sourced leads
Higher local search ranking leads to increased store visits and thus sales
SEO enhances your credibility and can turn you into a thought-leader
Most importantly, SEO eventually increases your sales and grows your business

FAQs about SEO

Which is better, SEO or PPC?

This is like asking: Which is more important to your body, your left leg or your right arm? You need both of them to be a fully functioning human and you would not want to lose either of them. It’s the same with SEO and PPC, you can not really choose one over the other. To have an outstanding digital marketing strategy, you need to have an omni-channel, which is making use of every available platform. When done together, SEO and PPC can really generate large amounts of quality traffic to your website and boost your sales.

How is SEO done?

Many people say SEO is a myth and that websites build traffic naturally, just as long as you post about it often on social media. This is the biggest misconception in digital marketing. SEO is actually quite scientific and complex and requires one to keep up-to-date with the rapidly-changing search engine algorithms. Firstly, SEO specialists build domain authority, which is a metric that measures the trustworthiness of your website through backlinks (i.e. hyperlinks of your website on other websites). Secondly, a keyword strategy has to be in place so that your website can rank for certain search terms. Thirdly, website speed has to be improved, because search engines poorly rank slow websites. There are many other factors SEO specialists have to monitor and improve in order for your website to rank high such as your URL structure, the actual content, etc. One would write a whole thesis on how SEO is done.

What can SEO do for my business?

If digital marketing is part of your overall marketing initiative (and it should be!), SEO should be one of the top channels to look at. Although its results are not instant, but when it fully kicks in you see great return. Not many people go to the second page of Google, as they often find what they want on the first page, if they don’t find it there they assume the second page is even worse. Imagine ranking for the first page! It means your content is high quality and trustworthy and this generates great brand awareness. If your target audience trusts you to deliver high quality content that ranks on the internet, it increases the chances of them becoming your customers. So SEO can actually do a lot for your business from an awareness and sales perspective.

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