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Website Development

If you have a business and are very keen to grow it and reach new customers and don’t have a website, you probably know by now that it is mandatory to have it and you know exactly why. The world has become digitised and consumers, including yourself are always researching online about products and services in order to make smarter purchasing decisions. In fact, most consumers today will research product information on the internet before they make a purchase online or in store. This consumer purchasing behavior proves the importance of having a website in today’s business world. It simply drives sales!

A website is literally your headquarters, but an online version of it. It needs to look as good as your offices and be maintained just as much. Imagine walking in to an untidy store or office that’s entirely chaotic, with no clear reception area and unwelcoming employees. Would you buy from such a business? Absolutely not! A bad website can give you the exact same impression, so as important as it is to have a website, you must must make sure you have a great one. Things like fast loading speed, colour scheme that matches your branding, clear call-to-action buttons, simplicity, responsiveness, excellent layout, and great user experience make a really good website.

The three things you need to be online

The thought of getting a website up and running can be quite daunting. Apart from the costs, you worry about the requirements, finding the right person to build it, the steps, etc. To get online all you need is actually just three things.
Domain Name
This is what people type in a browser to access your website and is the first and the cheapest step to getting online. Our domain name is
Is a service that allows websites to be accessible on the world wide web. You rent space online to have your website up and running.
A Developer
A skilled person or agency to build you a great website that can make that killer first impression and generate you quality leads.

Why hire us for web development?

Now that you know the importance of having a great website, the challenge is finding the right developers to build it and get real value for money. There are many agencies and skilled developers out there that can also build great websites too, but we have a lot of attributes that make us different.
We are quite affordable. With us you get value for money
We have excellent customer service
We host the websites that we build
Our hosting package comes with email addresses, and an email platform that totally reflects your brand and connects your entire organisation
We provide 24/7 support and respond immediately to queries
All of our websites come with a free SSL certificate
Most of our website packages include basic SEO
We build websites that are designed to generate quality leads and help you close more deals
Don't want us to manage your website? We give you training on how you can do it yourself
We are all about branding. The websites we build are tailored to your brand and designed to express your image and personality as a company

FAQs about Web Development

How long does it take to build a website?

It generally takes a couple of months, but we take a maximum of 60 working days. We are very quick and efficient and are deadline driven, hence the name 25th Hour. We have created our own reality where a day has 25 hours.

How much will a website cost me?

This is the biggest question we often get asked. Depending on your needs and requirements, our website pricing ranges between R3 000 to over R10 000, and even more. However, whether you are the R3 000 or the R10 000 client, you receive the same level of service and a quality website to boost your sales.

Who comes up with the website content?

We normally recommend that you come up with the content. There’s no better person to explain what you do than you. We first show you a layout and recommend pieces of content that can suit it best. Once we agree, we provide you a writing guideline that is inline with SEO requirements so that your website ranks high on search engines. However, in the case that you can’t write your own content we write it for you, but at an additional cost. We stay in touch and run things past you every step of the way!

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